Women Who Spank Men 2

Starring Alexis Payne and Tom Byron The always politically correct Alexis trains her lazy houseboy to respect the environment, via the discipline of leather and wood.

Shadow Lane’s Sting Operation Part 2

Starring Samantha Woodley and Lance Del Toro Maryanne (Samantha Woodley) has bought a term paper online, falling into a trap laid by her own professor! Revealing that Maryanne’s “A” paper on Jane Austen also received an “A” when he himself wrote it, twenty years before, Mr. Lawrence gives Maryanne an ultimatum: Take a spanking and get a do-over on the paper or fail his and possibly even get expelled! At first Maryanne is indignant.

Shadow Lane’s – The Rivals

Return with us to Shadow Lane’s favorite prep school, The Braemar Academy, where Miss Winthrop has her hands full trying to civilize Anna and Mina. In the opening scene, Mina curries favor with Miss Winthrop by presenting her with a bouquet. When Miss Winthrop goes to put her flowers in water, Anna attacks Mina verbally for kissing up to their teacher so shamelessly

Kshara – 0060 – Paranoid

Personality disorders, such as the paranoids R trustless, aloof and easily lose their temper mostly under real or fictionalt indignity… Here is an opened window into a sick mind…

HardTied [2009-03-04] Klawdya Rothschild

Klawdya thinks of herself as a bondage veteran but even this girl has a lot to learn from the master, PD. she thinks she�s so smart, trying to slip from her bonds, but PD already has a plan and soon enough she�s not going anywhere.

Strictrestraint – AnnaBelle Lee

09/02/2008 – AnnaBelle Lee 5 Scenes – 234 Photos – 62 Minutes Video This weeks video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3,4,5 & 6… AnnaBelle came to the shoot ready for action.

Insex – Maine Visit 1

Maine Visit 1 A black van cruises up to the curb at the airport. kassy steps in and she’s whisked away. For kassy, abduction and torture are only the beginning

James Deen and Lou Charmelle (9529) Everything Butt

Release Date: 7 September 2010 Sexy Lou Charmelle is a French anal slut who loves to be dominated and fucked in the ass. She shows off her lovely body and perfect shaped ass before fucking her ass with toys and completely submitting to James Deen.

Isis Love and Tara Lynn Foxx (10077) Hogtied

Release Date: 6 September 2010 Live Show Mondays brings you part 1 of the July live show that featured Tara Lynn Foxx and sexy co-top Isis Love. Tara is so cute, it’s not often you get to tie up girls so innocent and normal looking, but when you can it is a beautiful thing. We start the live show out by binding her elbows tightly together, and spreading her out on the floor, she is stripped of her clothes and her hair is tied back to the wall

Isis Love, Amber Rayne, Jade Indica (10298) Device Bondage

Release Date: 6 September 2010 Live Show Mondays brings you part 1 of the August live show that featured Jade Indica, Amber Rayne and Isis Love co-topping. The show starts simple, as we bind them with belts for the escape contest. Amber is so limber and flexible she escapes faster then anyone ever has

Zuchtige sie!

The INFLAGRANTI S / M-EDITION! In this series all come, like it dominant or submissive, full of their money. We present hard S / M Sex with experienced masters and mistresses prominent, their submissive slaves after all the tricks punish and humiliate

HardTied [2009-01-07] Wenona

Wenona takes a good old-fashioned “everything goes” Insex-style shoot, emitting her signature ear-bursting squeals. She’s ultra-fit with the stamina to match PD as he takes her for a ride. Hogtie, caning, pussywhipping with a big nasty whip, dual Mr.

Shadow Lane’s – When Spanking Was In Fashion

Starring Vivian Sweet and Keith Jones A charming domestic discipline spanking drama Vivian has promised to get home on time in order to be taken out to a special Valentine’s Dinner at a most exclusive restaurant, which Keith has reserved months in advance.

Beverly Hills (10683) Fucking Machines

Release Date: 8 September 2010 Below the city goes about its business – everyone hustling around mid-day. If only they looked up…. On the roof of the Armory during one of the very few sunny, hot days here, Beverly Hills gets down with the machines.