Owning Owen

Owen, a very hot 19-year-old straight boy, is back for his hardest spanking yet.
For this spanking, Tom has Owen bend all the way over with his hands touching the floor, and keeps him in that stress position throughout the spanking (with the exception of when he orders him to strip). Owen looks magnificent bent all the way over, legs spread. It’s a great position for a straight boy. It emphasizes the fact that he is under Tom’s control until Tom says the spanking is finished.
This is a long, hard session. Tom uses his hand, a small oak paddle, leather strap, cane, leather slapper, riding crop and a rubber slapper on Owen. Owen, having been spanked by Tom before, is immediately obedient and deferential. It’s not long before he’s repeating, "yes, sir, yes, sir" under his breath, even when Tom hasn’t said anything for him to respond to.
A few minutes into the video, Owen begins shaking, and even wipes his face with his hand as he struggles to regain some level of composure. Owen has one of the most resilient butts Tom has encountered. It never gets much more than bright pink (even the cane didn’t leave a mark), but, at the same time, Owen has a very low tolerance for the pain of being spanked. After the video, he told Tom video that this is "the worse by far" of the three videos he’s done for us.

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:54
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7708kbps
Audio: 229kbps

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