Owen Suspended

A few days before Owen came in for this video, he texted Tom at 4:30 in the morning because he wanted to see one of his videos. Tom was not happy, and he let Owen know it. It seems Owen was and, in his state, a text at that hour for that purpose somehow made sense. Today is the day he paid the price for waking Tom up.
Owen is an amazingly hot 19-year-old boy. He has an incredible body and even better face. His butt is as round and firm as they come, and he isn’t the least bit cocky or conceited. In fact, he’s a very respectful, personable young man. That does not, however, mean he didn’t need to be taught a lesson about texting.
Owen showed up looking looking fantastic as always. It wasn’t long before Tom had him suspended by his wrists for a long, hard spanking. Tom pulls Owen sweat pants down revealing a great pair of red boxer briefs (the type that stretch-to-fit). As the spanking continues, Owen’s firm butt gets more and more red. Tom uses his hand, a wooden paddle and a leather strap on Owen’s round cheeks. Owen knows he screwed up texting Tom at such a ridiculous hour, but he admits he was wrong and remains respectful and apologetic.

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