Owen on the Bench

One of our most popular models is back. Owen is 19, straight and hot. He is has the body of a fitness model and a face that belongs on covers of magazines. He’s so good-looking that both women and men regularly throw themselves at him. One girl he met and made the mistake of giving his phone number to has been stalking him on social media, repeatedly offering him any sort of sexual encounter he wants.
Owen is a very nice boy, but he just can’t seem to understand when it is and is not appropriate to call and text. As late as the early 1990s, parents still had rules about using the telephone. They taught kids when it was and was not appropriate to call. Over the last 20 years, telephones became toys. They call and text whomever they want whenever they want.
On the morning of this shoot, Owen woke Tom up by texting him before 7:00 a.m. Tom had explained to him in the past that before 8:00 a.m. is too early, and that he should email rather than text Tom if it’s very early or very late (or whenever it isn’t urgent). To understand the extent of the problem, you have to know that Owen has texted Tom at all hours, including once at about 4:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning (he was that time). Owen’s failure to observe these rules became the subject of this spanking.
In this video, Tom straps Owen to the spanking bench. Owen states that he doesn’t like the bench because it puts him in the perfect position for spanking, but what he really doesn’t like is the way the bench his butt to be raised and legs spread. Tom then administers this spanking by hand, with a ping pong paddle, wooden spoon, belt, birch, long plastic shoehorn and a cane. This spanking is harder than Owen’s first spanking, and Owen quickly becomes acquiescent and obedient. Near the end, he starts saying "yes sir" under his breath as though doing so will somehow lessen the intensity, but Tom couldn’t even hear him saying this.
Owen has one of the toughest butts Tom has ever encountered. That’s not to say that Owen doesn’t feel the spankings. He certainly does. His butt just doesn’t get very red. Nevertheless, by the end of the video, Owen’s muscular, round butt is bright pink and beginning to bruise. This is a harsh session.

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