Owen in Baseball Gear

Owen is back. He is one of our favorite and most popular straight boys, which is no surprise given his stunningly good looks. This video came about when Owen texted Tom early one morning to ask about doing a video (why Owen consistently texts at times Tom has asked him not to is an ongoing mystery).
It turns out that the night before his texts, Owen had been out partying with his friends at a nightclub. He got very drunk and bought a VIP table with bottle service. The table and bottle service cost $350, and Owen was at the table with as many as a dozen girls. This is all according to Owen’s friends whose accounts of the revelry must be relied upon because Owen can’t remember any of it. All Owen knows is that he woke up having spent all of his money and that prompted him to want to do a video right away.
Tom puts Owen in a baseball uniform for this video. Unlike some of our other models, Owen doesn’t need any instructions on how to wear the uniform as he was a baseball player in high school. It looks great on him.
Owen is back over Tom’s knee for this spanking, and the uniform comes off bit by bit as the video progresses. It’s a complete uniform including a baseball jersey and undershirt, baseball pants and a baseball cap as well as baseball socks, sliding pants and a jockstrap.
Tom lectures Owen about his drinking, wasteful spending habits and drunk driving as he spanks him harshly by hand, with a perforated wooden paddle and a riding crop. Owen is obedient and remorseful. More than just needing to earn money, Owen needed this spanking and lecture. He’s engaging in some very risky behavior with his drinking and driving!

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:44
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