Owen and Parker Together

We are very happy to bring you two of our most popular, hottest models, Owen and Parker (ages 20 and 19), together for the first time. They met just 20 minutes before this spanking began, and both of them are more than a bit nervous and embarrassed regarding what’s about to happen. Both of them have, of course, been spanked before. They have a good idea what is in store for them, but they have only experienced it in front of Tom. Now they will experience getting naked and being spanked, as well as being ordered about, in front of one another.
For this video, Tom has the boys kneel on a small sofa. He immediately tells them to move close together. There’s no room for humility or bashfulness today. First up, after a few swats by hand, are several swats with a Lexan paddle to let Owen and Parker know this will be a harsh session.
Soon Tom orders the boys to lower their pants, revealing the hot spandex-like underwear each has chosen to wear. It’s great when the boys think of details like that for their spankings. Only they know whether they wear them for Tom, for the audience or for their own vanity (or, maybe in this case, because they know another boy will be present).
Tom spanks both with their underwear up with a leather slapper and then a leather strap. Next he lowers their underwear and uses a very large, painful leather paddling instrument from the 19th century. It is about 36" long and has three layers of thick leather. It is quite imposing. Note the look of shock on their faces when Tom shows it to them. That’s followed by a riding crop before Tom orders them to stand and strip their clothes off.
The spanking then continues with a flog and and a narrow leather belt left behind by another of model (Jason). It is quite severe. For the finale, Tom brings out a long paddle to show to and use on the boys. When he tells them it’s a century old, Owen opens his smart mouth to ask if it had belonged to Tom. That bit of insolence netted him several particularly hard swats. It may be old, but it works as well as ever.
You’ll see and hear the boys reactions throughout the video. Their facial expressions and audible reactions are priceless. Parker is frequently angry and Owen is almost driven to tears. Both are sufficiently chastened by the end of this video.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:03
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7690kbps
Audio: 227kbps

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