Olga plugged outdoors!

Olga is crazy! I wanted to take her outside in her plugged chastity belt, but she took it a LOT further! Olga is a real exhibitionist and she will take off her clothes whenever she can! But we were in a public park, and there were people everywhere!
Olga told me she had been dreaming about being totally free, outdoors, walking around in just a chastity belt! This was her first time ever in a belt, and I added a plug AND we went outside. That would be a huge challenge for anyone, but Olga was just happy and free, and she kept running around without ANY clothes on, boobs out, in her chastity belt and collar.
Remember she is plugged with a 5-ball plug when you watch this video! It is easy to forget, because she walks around like it is the most normal thing in the world! She must have felt this big plug with every step. Instead, she just kept talking about the weather and how great it was to be outside!
Olga is one of the few girls I have met that are totally free. Of course, she was locked, and I held her keys, but she is free in her mind and spirit! She loves to be seen, she does not care about anything at all! It was very exciting to go outside with her, she is funny and very explicit. I have never walked around in a park with a naked girl in a plugged belt! It was an awesome day! When we got back to the studio, Olga was allowed to finally take off the belt. The plug was dripping wet! And of courseā€¦ Olga licked it clean. She is insane!

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