Office bitch gets what’s coming to her

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

It seems like in every office, there’s one of those bitches who struts around like she owns the place, teasing all the guys with her short skirts, stockinged legs, and high heels, knowing just what she’s doing to them. In Ivan’s office, it’s Crystal Frost – petite, blonde, great body, suggestive eyes… she knows they’re watching, and she loves the attention. But she’s not happy when Ivan starts making lewd comments and watching her a little too closely. It gets worse every week, and one day she decides she’s had enough – she’s going to turn him in to HR, and he’ll be gone. She can go back to being a little cock-tease and not have to deal with his – or anybody else’s – mouth. But, being the bitch she is, Crystal can’t help but go tease Ivan one more time, and let him know just what she’s going to do. She wants him to know she’s the one getting him fired. But Crystal’s little power trip gets her in trouble – Ivan has been at the company for a while now, and has outlasted the last several sexy bitches, because despite his dirty mouth, he knows how to handle girls like Crystal. When she comes in all high and mighty, he puts her in her place with a full of her hair, and makes her remove her own panties, ball them up, and stuff them in her own mouth. That ought to keep her quiet for a little while, but he wants to make sure she’s not going anywhere, especially to HR. Luckily, since he’s in the shipping department, he has all sorts of appropriate resources at hand, like good old duct tape for cinching her wrists together and sealing those panties in her bossy mouth. Now to see the goods underneath those seductive clothes – he tears her blouse open to expose a delicate white and blue bra that emphasizes her perfect tits. Now to make them stand out a little more, he wraps more duct tape around her elbows to make her arch her back. After sitting her down to wrap tape around her sexy legs, he pulls her pretty little bra off her shoulders. He has been waiting to get his hands on her sultry ass, and he’s going to enjoy playing with her! Ivan flips her onto her stomach to make it easier to secure her, a nice stretch of tape pulling her legs down into a tight hogtie while he goes off to make plans for her. Crystal is in trouble now. Usually these guys just want to fawn on her, lavish her with gifts in hope of having a chance with her, but Ivan is different – he’s just taking what he wants! This can’t end well. As soon as he steps out of the room, she starts to scream through the gag, squirming and struggling against the duct tape, but the stupid stuff is sticky and strong, and Ivan knows how to use it. She can barely move, and when she does, the tape just cuts painfully into her legs. Ivan comes back with some news – all that prancing around has caught the attention of just about every guy in the company, and they all want a shot at sexy little Crystal. So, tonight’s poker game is going to have another guest – well, maybe not so much a guest as a showpiece, or dessert. Either way, everybody’s going to have their turn with her, and then, well, they’ll probably ship her off some place so she can’t cause any more trouble. Obviously Crystal is not happy with the developments. When Ivan goes to pull the van up to the loading dock, she tries again to find a weakness in the duct tape, even kicking her shoes off to see if she can wiggle the tape off her ankles. When that doesn’t work, she starts yelling again, trying to get someone’s attention to come get her out of this mess. But the shipping department employs mostly men, and all of them want in on the poker game tonight, so nobody is going to help her. Ivan has everything ready now and comes back to get her, finding her hot red heels on the floor. Tonight wouldn’t be nearly so much fun with out her sexy shoes, so he puts them back on her cute little feet – can’t have her feeling underdressed for tonight’s party, after all. Well, everything is all ready for her, so it’s time to go. Ivan picks her up off the desk, drapes her over his shoulder, and heads off to the van. Tonight’s going to be fun! Starring Crystal Frost.

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