O-girl vs. Candy Licious – Part 2

Having snapped out of her trance, O-girl (Christina Carter) has turned the tables on the deliciously evil, Candy Licious (Randy Moore). Now it’s O-girl’s turn to have some fun at the expense of Ms. Candy. She is tied down very tightly with a vibrator tied between her legs. O-girl turns it on and Candy struggles against the binds holding her. The vibrator does it’s job and makes her come. The orgasm brings Candy out of her trance, but she finds that O-girl has tied her up with real rope! She is still helpless. O-girl explains to Candy that she has called the police but they are delayed due to a riot. It could take hours for them to arrive. What a shame. O-girl leaves Candy to come over and over and over

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:01
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