Nyxon: Refuse to learn

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Some women just refuse to learn.. Ivan has told Nyxon again and again how nasty her microwaved dinners are, that she needs to take cooking lessons so she doesn’t just nuke up disgusting meals. He’s a real man who needs real food, this just isn’t cutting it, and he’s tired of it! If Nyxon doesn’t care enough to get the damn lessons, Ivan has decided to teach her a lesson himself. He pulls her in squealing, sits her sexy ass down holding her wrists behind her while she kicks her shapely legs and screams, and they have a little conversation about cooking skills. All he wants is a good meal, and all she cares about is shopping, which is another problem! All that money she spends on clothes she could be spending on some damn cooking lessons. If she’s not going to cook good food for him, though, Ivan might as well keep her tied up, at least then she’ll be fun to look at. He pulls up on the rope around her wrists, making her back arch and the material of her shirt strain at the buttons. When Nyxon points out that she can’t exactly cook for him tied up, and he can’t cook for himself, Ivan suggests maybe he’ll hire a girl to cook for him. Nyxon things this is a great idea, the girl can cook something for her too – she’s hungry. But Ivan has something for her to chew on for a while – a nice tasty rubber ball gag that he says tastes just like her last meatloaf. Yuck! Nyxon squeals when he shoves the ball into her mouth and buckles it tight, but her protests don’t make a difference and he flips her onto her stomach with ease. She whines and moans as the rope winds around her crossed ankles, squirming on top of the box and uselessly kicking her feet, making the muscles in her calves. The rope goes around her knees and between her sweet thighs, making those lovely legs all the more appealing. Ivan pushes her down to her knees and eases the strain on the buttons of her blouse, exposing her delicious tits. A rope goes from her heels to her wrists, pulling her into a kneeling hogtie as she whimpers and mewls. “Yes, I’m looking for uncomfortable, in case you’re wondering. I think uncomfortable is going to teach you something.” He props her back up on the box and finishes the hogtie, threatening to leave her this way for a couple hours. He wanders off and she scratches at the rope, trying to find a loose end to untie to get out of this mess. Ivan comes back and decides to make things more uncomfortable for her since she hasn’t learned anything yet, and cinches her elbows tightly together. He suggests they do this from now on – instead of having her cook, he’ll bring something home and just tie her up instead. She groans and makes it clear she doesn’t like the idea or the bondage, but Ivan thinks it’s great, and goes to get the camera out and so he can show all their friends. Nyxon tries the ropes again, but makes no headway before Ivan comes back and sees what she’s trying to do. He taunts her, telling her the only way she’s going to get out of these ropes tonight is by untying herself, but the knot for getting her feet loose from her hands is all the way in front of her knees. Good luck with that one! She fidgets some more with the rope and Ivan makes sure she’s comfortable, because he’s going to bed, and will see her in the morning. He turns off all the lights and leaves sultry Nyxon all tied up and wailing. Good night, Nyxon! Starring Nyxon.

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