Nyxon: Keeping Nyxon out of the way

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

It would be easiest for all parties involved if feisty Nyxon just cooperates in this extra long lunch break, but she can’t bring herself to cooperate with being tied up by the guy who her from work. He promises to let her go in a couple of hours, but won’t tell her why he’s doing this too her, even going so far as to say it’s none of her business. None of her business? He’s tying her up, it’s pretty much 100% her business! But all he will tell her is that she’s in the way. Of what, his vast plan of world domination? No, he doesn’t look that bright, so of course she’s just being ridiculous, just like he is by tying her up. And what is he doing unbuttoning her blouse? Oh, this is just getting worse by the second. Boy, this bitch can talk. Ivan is getting tired of her lip, and tells her to shut up, but she tries to bargain – untie her, and she’ll shut up. Yeah, that’s real likely. He has a better solution – now that she has enough rope on her to keep her under control, it’s time to show her his Shut-Up Device – a big fat ball gag. But even with that in her mouth, she keeps talking around it, even if he can’t always understand what she’s saying. It does help though, especially when he makes her squeal by sweeping her off her feet to sit down so he can tie her ankles. Those lovely stockinged legs flail around until he pins them down against her ass while he uncoils more rope. Nyxon bitches through the gag, but Ivan chooses to interpret it as indication that she loves rope. Well, even if she doesn’t, she’ll learn to love it. For the next two hours, at least, it’s the only thing keeping her alive – as long as she’s here and tied up, no one has to hurt her. Despite that ominous statement, Nyxon still squirms and protests, especially when Ivan pulls out another roll of rope. Seriously? She pulls her knees away, trying to prevent him from putting more rope on her, squirming and struggling, trying Ivan’s patience. But as he manipulates her around to finish tying her gorgeous legs, he comments on the sexy Cuban stockings she’s wearing – not really typical office attire. When he pushes her skirt up – much to her chagrin – he sees they’re held up by garters too! Nyxon tries to smack his hands away, which just prompts him to add another piece of rope between her ankles and wrists to restrict her movement more. Ivan comments that she seems to be the type of girl to try to get away, and asks her if he’s right. After a small hesitation that gives away her lie, she denies it, and when he asks if she would lie to him, she does it again! Well, not like he trusts her anyway, but two lies in less than thirty seconds is a bit much. At least she can’t go anywhere, and he’ll be back in a couple of minutes anyway. As soon as he’s out of sight, of course Nyxon tries to claw at the rope, rolling around trying to get a better angle, but she can only feel one end, not the actual knot. Damnit! And Ivan’s back before she can probe much more, harassing her more by unbuttoning her blouse and pawing her sexy body. She has cute nipples, but that lower half is what’s holding his attention – great legs, great figure, especially with those stockings and high heels. He’d like to do all sorts of terrible things to her, but unfortunately it’s almost time to let her go. To remove himself from temptation, he steps out of the room again, leaving her to squirm and moan, trying to get loose. Before long, though, he’s back with the good news – it’s time to take her home. Alas, her home, not his. But, he likes her all tied up like this, so she gets to ride in the trunk that way. Ivan smiles at the thought as he tosses tiny Nyxon over his shoulder to take her to the car. Starring Nyxon.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:37
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