Nikki Flynn – Trial By Ordeal 570p

Cast: Nikki Flynn
Genres: BDSM, Torture

Written by and featuring Niki Flynn author of ‘Dances with Werewolves’ When American writer Rowan Morrison (Niki Flynn) inherits a cottage in a sleepy English village, she thinks she has found the ideal quiet hideaway to write her next novel. The village is a steeped in history and local folklore, from its 12th century church to the strange plants growing in her country cottage garden, Rowan finds the place fascinating. This fascination is however short lived when she receives a summons to attend the local manorial court to answer charges of breaking three centuries old outlandish local bylaws. As an alternative to attending the court, she is offered the option of accepting ‘guidance’. In her ignorance she assumes this to be some sort of ‘lecture’ on the local bylaws and so she replies that she will accept this alternative. A few days later she is visited by the local greengrocer who has come to give her ‘guidance’ on the first of the three offenses. It seems that ‘guidance’ in this case involves a firm bare bottom spanking. This is followed a day later by a visit from the church Sexton to give her ‘guidance’ on the second offense. This time it seems that ‘guidance’ requires a sound thrashing with the Sexton’s leather belt. Finally she is visited by the Lord of the Manor himself, Lord Somerville, who not only gives her ‘guidance’ on the third offense, but also explains that one of her ancestors was a witch and that she must therefore be tested for ‘witchcraft’. It transpires that both the ‘guidance’ and the ‘testing’ involve severe corporal punishment and the only way that Rowan can prove her innocence is to accept this ancient ‘Trial by Ordeal’.

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