Navarre: Out of the loop and into the rope‏

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

This video has been posted at Bondage Elane Hershey as IB010 When Ivan called the "agency" for his night in the city, he asked for a nice curvy girl with great legs… as well as a few other requirements a little more unusual. Navarre shows up at his hotel door in a cute skirt, black tank top, and hot fishnets with high heels – just the kind of girl he wanted. Ivan thinks she’d look even better without the cute little outfit though, and sure enough, when she slips out of the skirt and peels off the top, it reveals a slim body with great tits and sexy curves. But when he pulls out his little bag of rope, Navarre looks askance, not really expecting a guy like Ivan wanting to be tied up. Ivan laughs, tells her, "No, honey, the rope is for you," and grabs her wrists. Okay, this is definitely not what she was expecting! But Ivan informs her that he told the agency exactly what he wanted and they sent her, so even though her fighting turns him on, she is still going to end up in his rope, and sure enough, he has her hands tied in short order. She offers to find another girl for him, someone who does rope, but she’s already here, and Ivan rather likes her. But just to be sure she doesn’t get too noisy, he knots a cloth tight through her lips. Navarre still struggles, but her wiry frame is no match for Ivan’s strength, and he tosses her easily onto the bed, stretching her out and tying her hands off to a rope under the bed. As he knots her hands in place, he recommends she talk to her boss, because he sent her to Ivan, knowing full well what he was sending her into. This doesn’t make Navarre any more happy or cooperative, and she tries to kick Ivan when he goes to tie her legs, but he easily pins her sexy legs between his own and slips a rope under her arched back, wrapping it around the tops of her fishnets, below her knees, and around her ankles. She mutters through the gag that she’s not going to do this, but she doesn’t have much choice at this point – she’s all tied up on his bed, sexy and vulnerable, the tight ropes biting into her skin and making her wince. But Ivan doesn’t care – she’s damned sexy like this, stretched tight with her back arched, those hard little nipples poking up into the air, the rope highlighting her small waist and full hips… he wants a few pictures to remember her like this, because after he plays with her a bit, he will have to let her go and send her back to her pimp. He tells her to relax and enjoy it while he snaps photos, by which of course he means squirm and flex and twist like a good girl – it makes the pictures hotter and him hornier. His phone goes off once, and he ignores it, admiring her fantastic legs and gorgeous body as she arches and strains against the rope, but when the phone rings again, he checks – it’s her pimp. This might be important, so he leaves her taut on the bed while he steps into the hall to take the call.

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