Motorcycle Spanking

Glenn, age 19, is hot straight boy with a great butt. He owns a crotch-rocket motorcycle that he speeds around on. He made the mistake of riding it to a previous shoot and telling Tom about his reckless driving. Tom decided to punish Glenn for his speeding at this, his next shoot.
We’ve all seen young men bent over, their butts in a perfect spanking position, tearing around on these motorcycles that are built for speed. They often zoom by at speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour and are in need of a harsh spanking. Finally presented with the opportunity to spank one of these speed demons, Tom made Glenn ride his motorcycle to this shoot and spanked him on it.
Tom uses his hand, a silicone paddle/slapper, a leather strap, a long paddle, a belt and a bath brush on Glenn’s firm butt. Throughout the spanking, Tom makes Glenn lift his butt up off the seat in the position that he’d use to pop a wheelie. It isn’t any time at all before Glenn is struggling with the pain of the spanking and sniffing repeatedly as he fights to hold back tears.
It had to be humiliating for Glenn to get spanked on his motorcycle that is a symbol of his youth and masculinity. Tom’s willing to bet he’ll never ride it again without thinking of this day and the spanking Tom gave him.

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