Model Taught a Lesson

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

Royce is a real live straight man in trouble in this new series. He was scheduled to shoot with us but blew us off without even a call,apparently something else came up. Then he contacted us a few weeks later needing work. Now he’s strung up from the rafters and I’m not masked, out of character with a score to settle. I slowly strip him naked for his punishment while scolding him, lecturing him on common courtesy. He looks scared and humble, he knows I’m really pissed and he’s in for it if he wants to work with us again.
In Part 2, I made Royce kneel submissively before me while I jerked him off like a toy that I owned. I stroked relentlessly and
he got hard in spite of his humiliation. I kept tormenting his cock and took him to orgasm, then made him lick his load from my fingers.Placed in an exposed, humiliating wheelbarrow position in Part 3, his asshole spread and readily available for my abuse, his tight,
muscular ass and sexy legs on display, Royce is going to get fucked like he "fucked" us. I used my fingers, and a series of four dildos increasing in size, I fucked and lectured him while he twisted and writhed in anguish and shame.
Part 4, the final humiliating punishment for Royce, he’s tied to a stool, his hot, muscular ass in the air, and I spank him by hand, belt and crop while lecturing him on common courtesy and respect. His sexy, muscular legs shift and kick behind him as he pathetically tries to answer my questions and defend himself thru the ball gag in his mouth. His high pitched whimpers and moans fill the room, and I beat him until he can convince he that he is truly sorry for his inconsiderate behavior. I stop when I feel he has learned his lesson, and he’s contrite and humbled.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:14:53
Video: 720×418, AVC (H.264), 613kbps
Audio: 153kbps

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