Milking the Slaves – Buyer’s Group – Chapter 7

Release Year: 2021
Studio: BoyForSale

Ejaculation means something different to each master. For some, it is the right of the powerful, a sign of authority and dominance to be the one to receive pleasure. For others, it is more about control, a reward for their boys for giving good service. And for others still, it is about the marking and claiming of property, an act of consummation of ownership and contract. As such, not every boy is allowed to cum with any regularity. Given the ways they are used, they’re often brought to a state of arousal without release. This can be fine for a time, but at some point, the pressure in their loins becomes troublesome. The slaves are told to endure it, of course, but after a while, it affects their performance, and that cannot be abided. Given that, the slaves are systematically milked to ensure they are still capable of doing what they’re expected to do. I was particularly excited for the opportunity to milk Cole.

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