Mike part 8

What a predicament Mike is in now. He can’t move an inch how I’ve tied him – lashed to thick bamboo sticks, his legs held wide open, his hole just waiting to be yet again. And I plan to have this cunt howling in pain as he serves me.
I begin by binding his balls and clamping nasty clips to his foreskin and testicles, mercilessly leaving them on the tightest setting to make sure they hurt the delicate genital skin as much as possible. Mike begins moaning, but he hasn’t felt real pain yet… I rope the clamps to the ceiling and secure them with a weight, causing him to plead with me not to hurt him.
Mike really seems to think that begging will make me change my mind, but he soon discovers he’s very, very wrong.
What other parts of this helpless man’s body can I abuse? His straight arse hole, of course. I take the pole-mounted vibrator and ram it deep into his anus, jabbing his guts with the unforgiving pointed end, making sure he takes every inch. When I turn the vibration on, Mike’s caterwauling reaches new levels, but I’m not taking it out – I tie the thing in place and leave him to deal with it.
This twat can make as much noise as he wants – my torments are only going to get worse. I apply clover clamps to his nipples, and yank them again and again as I demand complete obedience. When Mike’s crying prevents a coherent answer, I back up my orders by stabbing him with the electric zapper, and it only takes a few shocks to have him screaming pleas to lick my arse – anything to make the pain stop.
Using the clamps as a punishment handle, and the zapper as a motivational aid, I receive the best rim-job I’ve had in ages. I order the tearful cunt to get his tongue all the way into my anus as he miserably sucks on my sphincter, and each jab with the zapper makes him scream into my cheeks and speed up his arse-eating.
Finally, I thrash the shit out of him with a flogger to teach him a lesson about instant and total compliance next time I demand pleasure. This once proud straight man is going to be a grovelling fuck-whore when I’ve finished with him.

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