Mike part 6

Mike didn’t want to come back. He hated every second of his first Breeder Fuckers experience, but now he’s desperate for money – and he’s here, having signed his life away. To make matters worse, I’m going to top him. And I’m a very nasty man.
I make the hapless man stand nervously as I come at him with ropes… and suddenly, he’s bound and helpless. Nowhere to go. I lash a rope between his teeth, and yank it through a pulley, immobilising him. Mike’s at my mercy, and I’m not going to be nice. I grope his body through his clothes, feeling his shirt dampen as he sweats nervously. My cruel fingers roam over his firm chest, pausing only to pinch and twist his nipples, making him writhe in sudden, furious agony.
With a pair of scissors, I make short work of his smart suit, ripping it to shreds around his bonds, leaving the tough straight guy looking more vulnerable than ever. Yanking down his trousers and pants, I take advantage of Mike’s naked cock, roughly mauling it at my leisure, before clamping a spreader bar onto his ankles. The dumb fuck has no way to defend himself now, no matter how much he wants to.
I play rough. I start by grabbing him by the cock and gut punching him… BAM.. BAM – blow after blow right into his hard belly. Mike struggles to catch his breath as he grunts angrily at me; I don’t give a shit. I move on to a flogger, thrashing him with my full, brutal strength, each hit leaving a burning pattern of welts.
When I’ve really made the cunt sweat as he deals with the onslaught of flogging, I get vicious in a far more intimate and calculated way. I haul the rope even tighter so Mike is held on his tiptoes, staggering to keep his balance as I snigger at his predicament. As he realises exactly how difficult this will be on his leg muscles, I tie his cock painfully tight, and attach it to a chair.

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