Midian: Coffee the Ivan Boulder way

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Coffee is not a complex thing to make, especially when you’ve got good coffee beans to make it with. So how is it that Ivan’s secretary Midian cannot make a good cup of coffee to save her life? Ivan is sick of that nasty crap she’s been making, and he is going to make sure she knows how to make coffee right, the Ivan Boulder way. He drags Midian in by her long red hair, her hands already bound behind her back, and XXXX her into the waiting chair. She begs him to give her another chance, but he’s not going to endure another sludgy cup of coffee – he wants her to learn her lesson properly, so gives her a little humiliation as part of her coffee education. That shiny button-up blouse, all conservative and proper, gets unbuttoned all the way down so Ivan can expose her boobs, as Midian protests, “Those don’t help make coffee!” But they sure as hell make Ivan feel better. Beneath that conservative exterior and long skirt is a sultry little slut, Ivan discovers, complete with satiny lingerie and a sexy little tattoo on her leg. He ties his little office slut to her chair by hips and chest, and introduces her to a little thing called a gag. The purpose behind all this is to teach the dumb bitch how to make a good cup of coffee, so Ivan has recorded a little video on his way to make coffee, and is going to make Midian watch it until she gets it right. She whimpers piteously when he pulls out another length of rope for her alluring legs, but that doesn’t stop Ivan from tying her ankles and knees securely to the chair. Now that he’s sure she will stay in place to watch the video, he compliments her on that voluptuous little body she’s been hiding under her long sleeves and long skirts, and pulls down her bra to get a better look. Oh, but he’s not done yet. He wants to be certain she’ll pay attention to the video and keep her head up and looking, so he wraps the rope around her neck for good measure. With Midian thus secured, he turns on the video, but the little idiot spends more time whimpering and struggling against the rope than watching the damn video, twisting her legs and pushing against the chair, kicking and pulling to try to get loose. While it’s a sexy little display, it’s not what Ivan wants – he wants her to watch the video on how to make his fucking coffee. Despite this warning, she goes back to pulling on the ropes and stretching her legs out as far as she can, flexing and straining against the bindings. After a couple hours of watching the video over and over, Midian has given up on trying to get loose, and knows exactly how Ivan wants his coffee made. He comes back to see if she’s ready to try again, but this is her last chance. The next time she fucks up his coffee, what she just endured will seem like a walk in the park.Starring Midian.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 9:49
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 145.8 MB