Michael DelRay – Deviant No More

Release Year: 2022
Genres: Bareback
Video language: English

Pretty boy Michael Del Ray is a broken slave, bound facedown to a narrow bench and brutally bullwhipped by sadistic top Jared.Young stud Michael Del Ray is fucked for an hour with a steel butt-plug, then his ass is beat with a bullwhip while the thing remains deep inside him.Frat boy Michael Del Ray is bound face-up. Pervy sadist Jared whips him then places pins on his nipples and cock – and crushes his balls with a spring-loaded clamp.Young Michael Del Ray removes the pins from his nipples, cock and balls then pumps out a huge load of cum, submitting totally to his young master with the whip.Jared whips Michael Del Ray with a braided flogger as the frat boy arches his back against a concrete wall, up on his toes, head thrown back, gasping in agony.Frat boy Michael Del Ray is roped even tighter against the wall then brutally fucked with a rigid punishment dildo and flogged even more.Naked frat boy Michael Del Ray is edged for hours by sadistic top Jared, who keeps the boy well roped in hemp, flogs him, keeps him hard, then flogs him some more.Bound to the dungeon wall in a web of rope, Michael Del Ray gets rock hard and busts a huge load of cum after having his balls and scrotum stretched and clamped.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:47:24
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