Mia gets an attitude adjustment

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Pretty Mia Hope is on the phone talking with some friends when the topic of this “toe tying freak” was brought up. Someone is going through the houses and victimizing young hot looking women. Not for robbery though – this freak does not steal but ties women up, gag them and taunt them in bondage, all while tying their toes tight. Before the perpetrator leaves, she take pictures and videos of the women and uses that as a blackmail. No women have actually reported what happened to them to the authorities. Cocky Mia laughs at the story and all the things that happened to those victims. She says that it will never happen to her because she is not stupid like those other girls. How hard will it be to escape and call for help or just scare off this freak. Little does she know I am inside her place already and eager to hand gag her. The next thing Mia knows is she is tied up in an extremely tight hogtie … very restricted in her movement. She was left un-gagged and not toe tied yet so I can enjoy her tough bitching and humiliation. As I bind her two big toes together Mia tough talks and brags that she will get out of this! That only fuels more fire in me to tighten up the bondage by adding a hair tie. Then I stuff her mouth with panties and tape with with excessive amount of strips of tape. Each strip lowers the morale of helpless Mia. I continue to taunt my bound victim until I tire of watching her futile struggling. I know she’s completely unable to escape so I decide to move on to mmy next prey …

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Duration: 14:22
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