Mean Bitch Castrates You

Release Year: 2020
Cast: Abigail Dupree
Genres: Role Reversal, Manhood Removal Fantasy, Castration Enactment, Bald Female, Female Dom Roleplay, Female Punk, Dom Fetish, Slave Doms You, Cutting, Knife, Testicle Removal Simulation
Video language: English

She is bald and she is mean… She wants your manhood. But Abigail Dupree wants your service in a specific way without them testicles, they just get in the way!

Wow, what a role reversal, you created this dominant fiend, now live with it!

The Story
Hey, I am contacting you to request a custom Clip. I saw a video where you have a sexy bald head. I have a fetish for the 90’s women with an alluring confidence that allows them to rock a bald head, and would kick you in the balls if you stopped to admire it’s glow. I think you may be a sub but I am requesting you put on the Dom role for the clip you can be sweet with it or innocent just request you be gut wrechingly brutal. I am looking for you to describe to proposition of catching me as your slave and castrating me. The worst ways you can dream of are preferred I like to be caught off guard by the clip, just describe removal of my balls by the most brutal means you can muster, if you want to lop the cock off too it’s your choice. I would like you to be as slow and painful about it as possible. I would like for you to have a shiny bald head and give me a close up of the scalp I would like to admire it. Respectfully submitted

slave Abby; I think that I can do that, though it is very difficult for me to be Dominant in this way. I will give it my best shot, anything else?

I honestly liked the other content you put out so I’m sure I will be pleased with this one. I hope I didn’t go too far out of your area of expertise on the topic. I really would like to be surprised by your methods of removal. preferred as much as you can dream of I prefer you are in control. Castration of the balls preferred if you would like to attack the dick by all means do your worst. I have a head shave fetish too yours, and mine I like clean. I prefer you have full reign with this clip but it is a female punk Dom fetish that I am seeking (feminization isn’t part of it just you taking my balls for your nightstand or whatever). Thanks again for your time Abigail. The suspense is building.

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:22
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 6833kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 1.2 GB