Max part 1

When we spy 18 year old paperboy Max cycling along the pavement with his sack full of deliveries and balls full of cum we can’t resist plotting to get our hands on him. That pert teenage bum of his looks too fucking enticing bouncing up and down on his bicycle seat! Once we trick him into entering our lair we know that he belongs to us. We enjoy the enticing tension of seeing him squirm under our intimate questioning and knowing we’ll soon be getting our hands all over his slender young body. Max is floored and restrained. Now the straight fucker is ours!
He begs us pitifully to be released, but his pleading soon gives way to vicious anger when we’ve destroyed his clothes leaving him starkers. Now he realizes he’s totally helpless in a confined space with a couple of filthy pervs determined to have our way with him. Max seethes with rage as we go at his body suckling his tender prick and sticking our tongues up his moist bumhole. Boys like this can’t control their body’s response and his cock perks right up even though it destroys his whole hetero self image being aroused by dirty benders. We discipline him flogging his body and that eager teenage cock. His arsehole is slicked up with our spit and his tight sphincter widened to make way for a big fat dildo. Max howls and swears under his gag having his anal virginity stolen. We’ve now marked our territory on his body and claimed his straight arse forever!

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