Master of pain – Lita Whisper Work Pigs

Release Year: 2021
Studio: BrutalMaster

We might have called this particular little event Ei Ei Hoe in honor of the two whores involved, but we didn’t.
Lita Lecherous and Whisper Thorn ARE work pigs around the BondageLife Ranch. They are really pretty much just pigs all the time, but there is work to be done, hoeing (yeah, that’s a pun) garden work, digging. It is dirty, hot and thankless work so who better than a couple of pieces of meat like Lita and Whisper.Just to make it more fun, the bitches wear cuffs, ball gags and heels. It is not efficient, but it is so much more fun to watch them struggle.Of course, when they don’t get their chores done on time, there is a vicious bullwhipping for both of them, strung up on the pole, they wind up crying and begging.
In the end, they are left outside with their tear stained faces, makeup running, facedown in the dirt.
Whisper Thorn and Lita Lecherous are Work Pigs.

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Duration: 12:23
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