Martin’s First Spanking

First Contact Video! Martin is a lean, hung 21-year-old straight boy. He wanted some money to spend on his girl and decided to do a shoot to earn it. Like many of the boys we’ve shot, Martin was no stranger to physical discipline when he was younger. But also like so many of them, Martin has never been spanked as long or hard as Tom spanks him.
This is one of our longest spanking videos. It starts with five minutes of Martin answering questions about his history of physical discipline, followed by a long, hard spanking with a number of different implements (including a wooden spoon, electric paddle, leather strap, plastic ruler and the perforated paddle).
During his pre-spanking interview, Martin made the mistake of telling Tom about his proclivity for street racing. If you’ve watched "Bryce Over the Knee" (a.k.a. "18! Fast & Furious"), you know that Tom has a real problem with reckless driving. Tom addresses Martin’s street racing with him during this video.
Martin takes a different approach to the video than any of our boys so far. His attitude at the beginning of this video is best described as "enthusiastically obedient." But his enthusiasm fades as the spanking continues.
Martin manages to smile most of the time up until the point that Tom scolds him for street racing and begins to spank him harder. It’s then that things get real for young Martin. He realizes that this spanking video is not some collaborative effort. It’s him being spanked hard and punished for He loses his composure and is left coping with the reality of the situation in which he has put himself.
By the end of the video, Martin has a very red ass and his demeanor has changed from one of feigned obedience to chastened remorse.

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