Martinn part 9

This dumb fucking straight bastard still thinks highly of himself. When is he going to realise he’s nothing but our bitch? Apparently not until we fuck Martin up so hard he’ll be begging to suck our cocks. Bound stark naked we menacingly crowd around him letting him know whose boss. With his nipples cruelly clamped he’s in severe pain and all it takes is a little tug on the chain to cause him absolute agony. He’ll do anything to make it stop even stroke our crotches till we grow big hardons in our jeans. The cunt continues to curse us while we bend him over and spread his cheeks so Dave can ram his fingers up Martin’s fuckhole stretching that tight warm opening. This hetero pig will learn some manners! Adrian lashes his precious ball sack making Martin reel in pain. We’re going to turn him into a proper bum slut by ramming a vibrator up his arse and fix it in place. While it hums away he feels his hole being continuously stimulated and stretched. The pressure causes sweat to course down his body. At the same time his dick is jerked and stimulated so he’ll forever more associate the sensation of being fucked with pleasure. Martin still refuses to cede to our demands. Perhaps prolonged pressure and humiliation will teach him! He’s suspended up from the ceiling so all he can do is stand on his tip toes. The pressure and pain increases from one second to the next but we leave him to stew in his agony and make him fully compliant.

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