Martinn part 7

Hetero Martin fights us like a wild animal so that’s exactly how we’re going to treat him. The bastard is strung up naked with his arms pinned behind his back and his legs shackled together. His bare arse is stuck up in the air and there’s not a fucking thing he can do about it. Any struggling only makes him wriggle his arse in a teasing way and humiliates him even further. Dave spreads his cheeks and worms his way into that tempting hole, stretching his cunt open while tugging on his dick till the angry fucker can’t stop his dick from going stiff. Those big pale cheeks need some colour and Dave repeatedly whacks Martin’s arse till they bloom red. Adrian joins in screwing his arse with a fat dildo preparing his hole for a fucking. They simultaneously beat his arse till Martin flails about angrily and every time he leaps forward he inadvertently makes the dildo slide further up his bum. Those proud cock and balls are tied up with a bucket attached to them. He’s mercilessly pelted with water which drips down his arse and dick gradually filling it. The more full it becomes the greater his genitals are weighed down causing him excruciating pain. Like a restrained beast, this fit big dicked hetero is totally at our mercy!

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