Martinn part 10

We want to assess how much we can get selling this straight bastard’s body down at the local cruising park. One of hetero Martin’s favourite pastimes is going to strip clubs. He makes strippers present themselves and bend over in a tight little thong to get him to purchase a private dance. Now the tables are turned! Martin must arouse us and sell his arse, but the thick fuck is useless standing there in his tight little shorts that show the outline of his dick and curve of his arse. We lock his balls up so that fat set of nads stick out with his arse up in the air. His wrists are cuffed behind his back and he’s ordered to crawl naked on the floor to fetch us a cold one. With a heavy weight attached to his nuts every inch he lumbers forward is fucking agony. Martin is furious as we humiliate him and put him through his paces flogging him mercilessly when he slows. His only reward is a face full of stinky suds and spit! This hetero must prove what a filthy slag he is and we demand he back his resistant arsehole onto a dildo to fuck himself. When he’s too slow he gets a sharp hot electric shock that pushes him to desperately bounce up and down on that rubber cock. At the same time Dave backs his bare arse into Martin’s face and demands he lick his bum. With a dildo slamming up inside him and his tongue up another man’s arsehole, Martin is so overwhelmed he’s reduced to a weeping wreck.

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