Mark part 9

Mark can’t accept the fact of his predicament. He angrily thrashes against the ropes binding his muscular arms and legs to the wall, entirely helpless to prevent a man from groping his warm dangly nuts and hard chest. That bright red ginger cock of his is too tempting to not feature so his package is bound up. His balls are pulled so tight it’s like they’re about to burst. Adrian administers sharp shocks to his tender cock in order to turn this angry wilful beast into a submissive bitch. Now he’s so fucking terrified of being punished he’ll do everything including worshipping cock and pushing himself to deep throat to the brink of gagging himself. This tough boxer bastard gets his tongue coated with sperm and must clean the cock he’s just pleasured. At the same time his dick is manipulated and he’s wanked off so he spills his own semen. Now big tough hetero Mark will never be able to look in a mirror again without knowing he’s ejaculated while also sucking a dick.

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Duration: 21:33
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Audio: 94kbps

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