Mallory: Very Bad Girl

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Mallory has been a very bad girl. She spent the night out partying and dancing with every guy willing to show her a little attention. The problem is that Ivan was watching her, he saw her seducing all those men, beckoning them with her long legs, enticing them with her eyes, tossing her hair over her shoulder with a smile as then fawn all over her. She was on cloud 9, eventually she’d have to come down though, and Ivan would be waiting for her when she did. The next day, Ivan was ready for her. He placed a nice study wooden chair in the center of the room. When Mallory came strutting down the hall in a tight black skirt, Cuban stockings, and a tight fitting tank top blouse, Ivan reached out and shoved her down in the chair. He was going to teach her a lesson she would never forget. She tried to twist out of his grasp, startled by the sudden roughness of his demeanor. He grabbed her tiny wrists in one hand, lifting her arms up and XXXX her to double at the waist in the chair. He winds rope around her arms lashing them tightly together. When he asks her if she had a good time and she replies no in a whiney voice. She is still trying to act like the victim, like he has somehow betrayed her. Ivan isn’t listening to it though. He starts in on his lecture about her not being home where she was supposed to be. He explains that since she can no longer be trusted she won’t be leaving the house again alone, she’ll just remain tied up when he goes to work the night shift every night. Mallory, infuriated by Ivan’s over dramatic demands, complains about the ropes being too tight and tries to pull away from him again. Once he knots her wrist rope though, he adds another rope just under and over her breasts, going around her upper arms cinching everything nice and tight. At least if she’s strapped to the chair, Ivan will know where she is while he’s out working to pay for their home. She says she’ll just sit home and be a stupid normal housewife in a sarcastic tone, adding that he can’t tie her up every time he leaves for work. He stands her up, pulls her panties off then pushes her back down in the chair. He balls up her worn panties and stuffs them deep in her mouth. He then wraps clear tape around her head to keep the panties in place. He adds another rope from her breast harness around the chair to make sure she stays put. Mallory kicks and whimpers and whines but none of it does any good. Ivan comes back with another piece of rope, crosses her legs and wraps rope around the top of her thighs. He uses the rope ends to tie each ankle to the opposite side of the chair locking her legs into a tight crossed leg position. She begs him to let her go claiming that she’ll be good and she’ll stay home, but Ivan really wants to make sure she understands, plus he’s rather enjoying the look of Mallory as a damsel in distress. He raises her skirt showing off her stocking tops and garters, and then grabs something sharp to put a hole in her top, tearing it open and revealing her milky white breasts. Ivan leaves Mallory alone and she cries out behind the gag, whimpering, and yelling. She jerks at the ropes, making the chair hop and wiggle back and forth. With Mallory continuing to cry out, screaming behind the gag, Ivan decides he needs to stifle her noise a bit more. He places a big white cloth over her mouth and winds micro foam tape tightly around her head. He takes a moment to rub his hands over her body before he leaves her tightly bound and gagged while he heads off to work. Starring Mallory.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:02
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