Mallory Rae and Mark Davis

When Mallory Rae moved to Los Angeles, she contacted us with an unusual request. She had just turned 18 and had remained a virgin until just three weeks prior to our meeting. Having tried sex only once before, Mallory now wanted to participate in a BDSM sex scene.
Who better than the infamous Mark Davis to introduce Mallory to intense, sexual dungeon play and show her the ropes. Mallory had seen him in videos before and was thrilled he would take the time to play with her.
Mallory arrived wearing a simple summer dress and looking quite innocent. Mark immediately attached her to our cross and let her wait there for a while to contemplate what might happen to her. She told Mark he could do anything he wants and was eager for the experience.
Mark then proceeded to dominate Mallory, subjecting her to a variety of BDSM activities including spanking, face slapping, breath play, whipping, throat fucking, foot worship, flogging, caning, bound orgasms, and rough sex. It’s amazing how eager a beginner can be with the right teacher.

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