Madelyn Rae: Decisions, decisions

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Ivan has been looking over the books, and he’s noticed several consistent "mistakes" – too consistent to really be mistakes. When he hired Maddie, he could tell she was smart enough to do them properly, so he’s pretty sure it’s not stupidity that’s causing this; in fact, he’s pretty sure she’s stealing from him. Rather than hand her over to the appropriate authorities, he’s going to take care of her in house. He calls her into his office to confront her, and of course she plays dumb, but he already knows better. He grabs her wrists, ties them tightly, then tells her, as he continues to tie her up, what he’s going to do with her. She surely knows about the other sources of income than the business front, the less legitimate side of things, which is where she’s going to end up. There are a few options there, though – she can be a willing, high-paid call girl, or she can be the XXXX bondage slut. People pay a lot of money to screw a tied up girl, and Ivan finds that Maddie looks oh so good tied up, with another rope around her elbows, then knees and ankles. Maddie can object all she wants, but she doesn’t have much choice – Ivan knows what he’s doing. A rope from her wrists and elbows to her ankles makes the package complete – almost. That pretty mouth of hers is kind of pissing him off, so he pulls off several pieces of shiny black tape, crams her mouth with a white cloth, the tapes it in. Just to make this thieving bitch more uncomfortable, he ties her hair off to her ankles, creating such a lovely arch in her long lean body. Ivan is enjoying this a little more than he thought he would, so he offers her an alternative – being his little bondage slut, or being everyone’s little bondage slut. After being left to stew for a couple hours, Maddie has had plenty of time to think about her options, and Ivan takes her away to find out her answer someplace more comfortable.

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