Mad scientist’s endurance experiment

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Busty beauty Luna Dawn is my test subject for the endurance experiment. She’s at the lab and I have her already brutally bound. Her arms have been massively tied elbow crushed together painfully and her legs are bound in extreme bondage Her big tits are tourniquet tied to almost popping and pussy is in a crotch rope split in two. Luna struggles on a cot crying out in frustration. She knows I will be here soon to perform another experiment. I a big ballgag into her mouth strapping it tightly and her big eyes widen in fear. Next I wrap her face with many layers of bandage for a huge OTM gag. I decide that’s not enough and I add thick electrical tape pulling it around and around her pretty face. I inform her today is to test how much she can endure before she actually breaks. I finish the sweaty victim off in a hogtie before the experiment begins. I roll the lab rat onto her belly and she cries into her gag as her purple tits press into the mattress. I start by spanking her hard with the leather paddle watching her reaction. I’ve got plenty of implements to up the ante and I grab a shock device pressing it into her ass. Luna’s bound body spasms when the electrical jolts soar through her. I grab a hand held tazer and give her pussy a zap. Luna begins to cry as I take notes on her reactions so far. My subject is doing well but I quickly discover that Luna is secretly turned on by this. I grope her dripping wet pussy before beating her ass with a wooden paddle. This is not the reaction I anticipated! I grab the super hitachi and tease her soaking wet pussy with it yanking it off her when she’s about to cum. I paddle her ass some more then suck her purple tits before informing Luna of what the mad scientist her in store for her next few experiments. I leave her to endure the bondage for the long, long night.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:15
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Audio: 124kbps

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