Ludella Hahn: Rope or Rent

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

When Ludella told her landlord Ivan she didn’t have the rent for this month, he saw a win-win opportunity for them both: she lets him tie her up and take some pictures, and he’ll cover her rent this month. It’s not a bad deal for Ludella, since Ivan promises it won’t be anything but rope, no groping, nothing untoward, just tying her up and taking pictures. Still, she doesn’t feel entirely comfortable letting him tie her up, but what choice does she have? She watches nervously as Ivan dumps out his bag of rope, but stands when he asks her to, and puts her wrists uncertainly behind her back. He tries to get her to relax as he ties her wrists, reminding her he won’t hurt her, but she still complains that it’s pretty tight, and since it’s just for pictures, it doesn’t have to be, right? But it has to be tight for it to look right, he tells her, and adds a rope around her pretty black nightie, just under her perky young breasts. He’s not going to do a half-assed job tying her up, not for how much her rent is. Ludella winces when he pulls it tight, watching him expertly place the rope around to flatter her curves. She wonders about his knowledge and clear experience in tying her up, and especially if he’s used this method to collect rent before, though he says he hasn’t, that there haven’t been any other opportunities as attractive as Ludella before. Ivan has Ludella sit on the bed and scoot back so he can tie her lovely legs. She wore the sexy Cuban stockings he requested, and they certainly accentuate her features. She sighs and looks at the ceiling while he ties her ankles. As the rope goes around her ankles, Ludella starts to have second thoughts, wondering if she made the right decision letting him do this to her. What if he does more than he promised? What if he her or something awful like that? He reassures her, suggesting he’d even like to do this again, in the event that she doesn’t have her rent money another time, so why would he do something to prevent that later opportunity? The rope just below her knees only emphasizes the main asset that caught Ivan’s eye to begin with: Ludella’s shapely legs. He hasn’t seen a pair of legs quite as nice as hers in a long time. When he knots off the rope, Ludella suggests that it’s enough for his pictures, but Ivan had just a bit more in mind for the best pictures. Ludella fidgets with her wrist rope until Ivan has her sit up, telling her that no bondage is complete without a gag, and before she can protest, he pushes a cloth into her mouth. She didn’t agree to this part! But then again, she wasn’t sure exactly what she was agreeing to, and it’s a little late now. Ivan wraps microfoam tape around her head to keep the cloth firmly in her mouth, then lets her fall back onto her side on the bed. There is still more rope to be added, though, for the visual effect Ivan wants for his pictures. Ludella’s rent is not cheap, so he wants to get his money’s worth. Ivan links her wrists to one side of the footboard of the bed, her chest to the middle and the other end of the footboard, then has her arch her back so the rope from her waist to the headboard creates a nice line of her body. Finally her ankles get tied to the middle of the footboard, creating a sort of sideways hogtie that shows off how sexy Ivan’s tenant is. Just a couple more ropes to highlight those sexy legs a little more, while Ludella squirms uncomfortably. Now she’s ready for pictures! Her fidgeting only shows of her musculature, making for even better pictures than Ivan anticipated. But sadly, now it’s time to let her go. Perhaps she won’t have her rent again soon….

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 13:55
Video: 1920×1080, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 4882kbps
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