Ludella: Daddy’s Little Princess Gets Taught a Lesson

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Ludella is very used to getting what she wants, from whomever she wants, and that includes all the workers at her father’s company. She loves calling upper management to her office to run little silly errands for her to make sure they understand that she’s in charge, despite being over a decade younger than some of them. Today, she calls Ivan up to her office to go fetch her a cup of coffee. Ivan, tired of her little power plays, asks her if she really thinks his time is better spent getting her coffee instead of managing all the works on the floor. With an almost devilish grin, Ludella looks Ivan in the eye and says yes. Ivan tells her that he’ll get her something and he’ll be right back, she smiles and replies thank you, satisfied that he’s been humiliated enough. When Ivan returns however, he doesn’t have her coffee in hand, instead he has some rope on hand. She huffs asking about her coffee, but Ivan’s here to teach the spoiled little brat a few life lessons. He pulls her arms behind her back and ties her wrists together. She threatens him, telling him that she’ll have daddy fire him immediately, but at this point Ivan’s done taking orders from her anyway, now he just wants payback. Her skirt rides up as she struggles on the desk top revealing her garter straps and stocking tops. Once Ludella’s wrists are bound, Ivan uses her scarf lying on the desk to cleave gag her, pulling the fabric between her lips and knotting it behind her head. Her legs are next and they get lashed together at the ankle and knee. With another rope, Ivan binds her into a nice hogtie. Ivan plans to get his crew to tell her father that she asked him to tie her up, and for the first time in her life, Ludella pleads with him not to go through with it. Ivan chats with the boys and then want him to take things a bit further. It seems more than a few of the guys have always wanted to see Ludella’s sweet tits, especially since she would act like a tease then turn into the ice queen if any of them ever approached her. Ivan comes back and unbuttons her top showing her white lacy bra and pulls her breasts out. Ivan grabs his camera phone to take a few pictures for the boys downstairs so they’ll back up his story and Ludella half begs, half demands that he untie her. Ludella finally orders Ivan to let her go. He mocks her, then grabs a roll of tape and a wad of fabric. He stuffs her mouth over the cleave and places strips of the black tape over her lips to keep the cloth in place. He tells her that when she comes in tomorrow she should bring him a nice cup of coffee to show that they understand each other. She whimpers and whines into the gag as he ponders which guy to send up to let her go, knowing that some of them will do more than just untie her..

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Duration: 11:16
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