Lucie Jones in Former Clowns Ville Carny MadMan Targets Suburban

Delbert ‘GrassRoots’ Nomenclature got sacked from his job with the ClownsVille Carnival (a group consisting solely of clowns, despite this scaring the kiddiewinks) for his position. While somersaulting and cartwheeling and what-not along the side of the road; whenever the procession went by a hot girl, he would his status as jolly joker to squeeze their boobs! Well, one day a report got filed on his ass and that same ass was then slotted into the toaster until done. Now the weasel is out of work (still, it’s been 10 years) and twice as mean as he ever was. Seething with resentment and wanting to strike back, he has made a habit of hitting the homes off hot girls all alone.

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