Louis – StraightHell

Studio: StraightHell
Cast: Louis
Genres: Gay, BDSM, Tied, Cock manhandled, Nipples clamped, Flogged, Cock whipped, Prison, Handjob, Facefucked, Fingered, Fucking machine, Deepthroat

Louis is taken too far as we cut his pants off, peg his balls up, and beat his arse until he’s to suck our cocks.
Documentary makers like Louis always want to get involved, make it look like they’re truly interested in the subject of the film.
"Could I be a fetish model, do you think?" Louis asks us, as he shows us his surprisingly muscular body and poses on the spanking bench, having let us strap him down. "If I were one of your models, what would you do now?"
I answer him by flogging his tight bubble butt, invitingly sticking up in the air, totally vulnerable. Louis gasps, shocked at the liberties I’m taking, nervously trying to play along.
"I can’t believe you’re whipping me… can you stop now, please?" Yeah right. I yank down his jeans and slice them off, along with his pants, exposing his hairy crack and fragrant little arsehole. I clip pegs to his balls and hit them, eliciting a pained yell from the frightened TV presenter.
Louis thrashes around and struggles, ordering us to stop, realising now that it’s not a joke – he’s actually being fucked, live on camera.

Total size: 1.6 GB in 6 files.