Losing Count

Logan is back for another spanking, and this time it includes being strapped to a spanking bench for a long, intense session that brings him to the edge of tears many times.
Logan hadn’t known he’d be restrained or on a spanking bench for this video. The bench puts these straight boys into a very humiliating position. Their butts are elevated above their heads with their legs spread, which leaves everything exposed and on display.
Logan struggles with the severity of this spanking. He loses the count of the strokes a few times, which causes Tom to start over. Tom uses several harsh implements on him, including a rubber paddle/slapper, a wooden paddle, a bamboo cane, a hairbrush, a long plastic shoehorn, a riding crop and a wooden spoon. Logan writhes about, straining against the straps that hold him in place. He shakes his head and his eyes tear up as his butt gets bright red and then purple. Tom also engages in a form of bastinado with the riding crop.
Logan’s girlfriend (who, although she benefits from Logan bringing in this income, calls Logan a homosexual for doing these videos) starts emailing Tom partway through the video. Apparently she keeps very close tabs on Logan. The interruptions cost him some extra whacks. While Logan may not be able to stop his girlfriend from emailing during the shoot, Tom certainly can’t, so the consequences of her interruptions necessarily fall on Logan.
By the end of this spanking, Tom has firmly established his dominance over Logan, leaving Logan contrite and obedient.

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Duration: 25:44
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