Lola Lynn and Kelliann – Captured, jimhunterslair

Sexy office manager Lola walks to her car for the drive to her office unaware of the danger. As she sits in her BMW and starts the engine a leather belt passes in front of her eyes and before she has a chance to react the belt tightens around her throat. Then she hears a woman’s voice from the back seat as she reaches up to grab the leather strap choking her. Lola recognizes the voice of her bosses crazy ex-wife Kelliann. Kelliann orders her to drive as she pulls the belt tight around Lola’s throat. Lola has realizes that she has no choice but to do as the woman demands and puts the car in gear. Kelliann tells her that she knows she has been screwing around with her ex. But she doesn’t care about who is fucking who, she is pissed that they had screwed her out of her share of the company. Lola drives as she is told into an old abandoned factory. They park the car and Kelliann buckles the belt around Lola’s throat around the head rest to keep Lola from running off while Kelliann get out of the car. He pulls poor Lola out of the car and leads her into the old factory using the belt as a leash. Lola looks around for anyone for help. But there is no one around as she is lead into the building. The only thing on Lola’s mind is to somehow escape the crazy woman. But Kelliann shoves her up against a wall and pulling the belt tight orders Lola to put her hands behind her back. Kelliann then ties Lola’s wrists and elbows painfully tight behind her back. Lola complains about the ropes and begs Kelliann to let her go, but Kelliann is in no mood to listen to her whiny captive and reach up under Lola’s skirt and removes her panties. She then ball up her panties and stuffs them into Lola’s mouth. Then she pulls some tape out of her bra and wraps it around Lola’s head to gag her. Once gagged Lola is into an elevator…

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Duration: 15:42
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