Lola: Big Break

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Ivan’s brought another girl home with the promises of making them a star. He wooed her at the bar over the course of a few weeks, about stories of how he produces movies and that she would look great in one of his films. He told her what amazing legs she had and that he knew just the part for her. He tells her she should come back with him to audition for the part in his next production. After listening to him lay it on thick for a few hours, she’s convinced that she’ll be in LA in just a few short weeks. The clips opens with him dragging her over to a pole set up in his garage by her hair. She seems really confused and doesn’t like him treating her that way. He pulls her arms behind her back and lashes them together behind the pole. Now the bitch won’t be going anywhere. He tells her to shut up she starts asking him why he has rope and what he’s doing. He explains that he has rope to tie her up because he feels like it. She’s already gotten delusional and thinks that she’s a superstar. She replies back, “Oh, well let me just comply because you feel like it.” When Ivan states he thinks that’s a great idea, Lola should have gotten the idea then. Lola yells at him for pinching her with the rope and says he doesn’t have to be such a jerk. She assumes that this is part of the process that she’s heard about, the part where the producer takes his “extra cut” so to speak. She tries to go along with it, after all it could be her big break. When Ivan pulls down her top exposing some of the most perfect breasts he had even seen and pulls her barely there dress up as well, Lola complains that it isn’t very lady like. He explains that from what he’s heard she isn’t much of a lady. She kicks back with her leg trying to land a blow but can’t seem to reach. She looks amazing with her arms pulls back XXXX her breasts to stand out. Her legs seem to go on for miles until finally ending in some very sexy high heel shoes. She wiggles around on the pole trying to get comfortable or situated or something, but it doesn’t work. He pulls another rope out and cinches her elbows together behind her back while dodging her high heels being stomped down aiming for his shins and feet. He smacks her ass getting a sharp OW from Lola and asks if she wants to try to hit him again. After another test and smack, she resigns to her fate with a hard stomp of her foot on the ground. Since she keeps kicking at him, he decides to make that no longer a problem. He lifts one ankle off the ground and starts tying rope around it. Afraid of where this is going, Lola tries hard to pull her leg away from him but her whole body moves and her leg and Ivan stay very still. He pulls the leg up and ties it off to a rope he has dangling behind the pole, leaving her bound, exposed, and helpless. Not to shut her up. He grabs her jaw, XXXX a huge wad of cloth in her mouth, and then quickly wraps some black vet wrap around her head locking her head to the pole. She screams through the gag that she hates him, but that’s about all she can do. He takes out another rope and runs it over and below her breasts and upper arms, all the while being called a fucker and a cock sucker, etc through her garbled gag speak. He ties her waist to the pole as well and then runs it between her legs and pulls the rope tight against her cunt before tying it off to the breast harness. One last rope is added to tie off her free ankle to the pole. While he’s bent over, she tries to knee him with her knee so he ties that knee off to her other thigh. He then tells her that he’s going to sit down and watch her struggle. He tells her that if she does a good job then he’ll let her go. She proceeds to bounce and whimper and plead, pulling against the ropes. She starts to beg and her bouncing makes her tits giggle. Finally, Ivan agrees to let her go with the agreement that he can do this to her again and she nods happily, ready to get out of the ropes. Starring Lola Lynn.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 9:39
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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