Logan and the Chalkboard

Logan is a very cute 19-year-old straight boy. He is conflicted about doing videos and had asked Tom if he had any ordinary work for him to do. Tom hired him to do some landscaping. It started out well enough, but then Logan left early (he claimed he was sick). He was supposed to finish the yard work on the day of this shoot. However, he showed up 40 minutes late to this spanking and blamed his tardiness on the person who gave him a ride. Worse yet, he didn’t even call to say he would be late.
Tom didn’t know if he’d show or not, but he decided that if Logan did show up, he’d be getting a spanking rather doing yard work. Tom had had enough and told Logan he’d have to do this shoot with no pay. Tom explained that there would be no future work of any type if Logan didn’t, so Logan reluctantly agreed. Tom did eventually pay Logan, but, just as Tom didn’t know if Logan would even show up, he wanted Logan to experience going through the spanking without knowing if he’d even get paid.
Logan is a nice guy, but he has more excuses than Carter has little liver pills. To teach Logan a lesson, Tom goes at him hard with a new acrylic paddle, his hand, a silicone paddle and a wooden-handled rubber paddle Tom calls "the reminder." These are three of Tom’s harshest implements, and they leave a definite impression on young Logan. He writhes about and struggles with each swat. Tears well up in his eyes early on, and he struggles to not break down crying.
When it’s all done, Tom decides that Logan needs the further reinforcement of writing "I will not be late again" on the chalkboard. Logan is very sorry by the end of this video, but something tells us that he’ll be late again.

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