Lingerie and Handcuffs

Mina is wearing a black lingerie ensemble. Cuban heeled stockings, garter belt, opera length gloves, and sexy black pumps. She gags herself with a red single strap ballgag. Handcuffs herself behind her back and enjoys every minute of it. She then has more cuffs added, another pair around her wrists making things extra secure, a pair of legcuffs tightly wrapped around her elbows bringing them together making them touch, and a pair of legcuffs on her ankles wrapped around her handcuffs at her wrist. She is tightly restrained in inescapable metal restraints with absolutely nothing she can do about it. The Doxy want is brought out and brings her to climax repeatedly before it is finally strapped between her legs with a belt so she cant get away from it. Eventually the key to her cuffs is left by her side, but with the tight elbow bondage she had been enduring, Mina cant manage to find the keyholes let alone uncuff herself. Oh well, I took the keys off her and left her like that with the Doxy humming away, she had her chance.

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Duration: 34:39
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