Lily Ann: Job Interview

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Ivan is interviewing a new girl to be his personal assistant. This one happens to be a very sexy blond with amazing legs. Lily Ann is sitting on the desk in a short skirt, her legs crossed, and wearing red high heels. He explains the job to her and she seems to be all for it and pretty confident. He adds one last piece of information and she hesitates just a bit. He explains that part of the job is that when they traveled, she would be required to let him tie her up and take some photos. They go back and forth with a few more questions, Ivan trying to ease Lily Ann’s troubled look before adding the last thing. Ivan had to know that she could take the bondage he was planning for her before he actually hired her. There was no need to waste his time with paper work if she was going to be one of those girls that just whined about how tight it was. Lily Ann cautiously agrees to be tied up, despite her better judgment. He pulls her hands behind her back and starts coiling the rope around her wrists. She immediately starts commenting on how tight the ropes feel. Ivan reassures her that since it’s her first time it’s going to feel tight. He gets another rope and places it just under her breasts and over her upper arms, then pulls the rope over the shoulders looping the rope around the front and back again. He finishes the rope off by wrapping it around her waist and locking her hands down with the final knot. She complains that she’s getting really uncomfortable and it feels really tight but Ivan just ignores her pleas, she won’t be talking that much longer anyway. Ivan moves on to her legs. He wraps rope around her ankles, cinching them together. The next piece goes just below her knees. Lily Ann really starts complaining about the rope hurting and isn’t happy at all about where Ivan’s hands have to be in order to feed the rope between her thighs. He then lifts her skirt and runs his hands along her legs despite her objections. She finally tells him that she finds all of this very inappropriate and she’s going to have to decline on the job. Lily Ann thanks Ivan for his time and before she can finish, Ivan XXXX a piece of white cloth between her lips and ties it off in the back gagging her. He pulls her top down and starts caressing her nipples while she squeals and tries to escape his grasp. He lays her down on the desk and she tries to get away but he pulls her back. He ties off a rope to her chest harness and runs it outside her ankle rope cinching her legs in a tight bend. Lily Ann yells and kicks as much as she can, demanding that Ivan not touch her. Her yelling has gotten a little too loud for Ivan so he starts pulling off pieces of tape and sticking them to the desk in front of her. He stuffs her mouth full of cloth and uses strips of duct tape across her mouth. He tells her that he wanted to pay her for her work, but since she declined the job, he’s just going to have to take her home to be his personal bondage slut to play with after hours. He leaves her on the desk alone, struggling while he goes to get the truck ready. Her body is bound so tightly she can hardly move. He comes back and throws his new toy over his shoulder and carries her off.Starring Lily Ann.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:47
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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