Lilly Was Warned – Part 1

Lilly is part of a non-law abiding group comprised mostly of men. Lilly is smart and conniving as they come, thus she was allowed to become a member. The problem is that she wants to take over and the men in charge won’t have it. She has been warned, but she went ahead with her plans anyway and tonight she’s going to be taught a lesson. She’s lured to an abandoned warehouse where a deal is supposed to go down, but she’s what’s going down. She swaggers up several flights of stairs and down several long corridors, wearing her tight jeans and high heeled boots. A door quickly opens and before Lilly can react, she’s grabbed, quickly hooded, and taken back through the open door. She is shoved up against a post and a rope is quickly tied around her waist and the post. The hood is removed, but he warns that it will go right back on if she resists. Lilly is usually the confident, outspoken one, but for some reason when the rope touches her skin, she turns into a trembling, babbling, submissive, doing exactly what she is told. Her arms are bound behind her back, just before another rope is tied into her hair. The man then clasps his hand over her mouth as he roughly manhandles her. He rips her blouse and pulls her tits free, before tightly cleave gagging her. Her bare tits and nipples are squeezed and grope some more, before the man removes his belt. He steps behind her and starts whipping her jeans clad ass with it over and over. Lilly whimpers and writhes against the post with each blow. The man stops, but only so her can clamp her nipples and then tie them together around the post. He ties her legs apart as well. The belt comes out again and Lilly is belt whipped repeatedly. Every time she reacts, the clamps are tugged on. The man eventually stops and leaves her there to look pretty. This was her first lesson, but there’s still more to come.

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