Lila: Worst day of her life

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Lila has been looking forward to today for a while. She found the perfect dress to make an impression with, had her hair done in the latest fashion, and even got a pedicure though her black stockings and high heeled pumps would hide her toes. Today’s party was the perfect opportunity for networking and meeting new producers to work with, and she finally got rid of that incompetent jackass manager so she could book new and better jobs on her own. Unfortunately for her, that incompetent jackass is also a vengeful jackass, and has paid Ivan to keep smart-ass Lila away from the promising party. Ivan drags her in by her carefully done hair, hardly even noticing her struggles. As he pins her arms behind her back and wraps rope around her wrists, Lila asks him what he wants, and he replies, “I want you!” Oh great, that’s just what Lila wanted to hear. Ivan sits her down in the chair to make it easier for him, but Lila decides to make things difficult for him – which he tells her will make it more difficult for her, and she’s just wasting effort. He pulls her hands down behind the chair, making her arch her back prettily while he ties the rope off to a rung on the chair. She continues to mouth off to Ivan – of course a bad idea – until he shoves a big blue ball gag into her mouth and pulls her dress off a shoulder to fondle her tit. Her hair is falling out of the fancy hairstyle into her face, but it still stays out of the way of Ivan’s rope work as he ties her torso and hips to the chair. He pulls her dress up to reveal delicate lace-topped black stockings held up by garters, and makes sure he gets the continued pleasure of seeing her sexy legs by tying them in place, too. Lila hopes that if she stays still enough and keeps tension on the rope, she might be able to slip out of it when Ivan leaves her alone. She even tries to untie the rope around her wrists, but Ivan has tied the knot out of her reach, and there’s no way she’s getting free unless he lets her. Ivan comes back to check on her and lets her long curly hair down. So much for all her dolling up! He adds one more rope around those sultry legs of hers, then grabs her by the hair and tilts her back, chair and all. She grunts in protest, but when Ivan asks if she’ll behave for him, he makes her nod like a good little girl with his hand in her hair. He leaves her alone again, and she tries her best to get out of the ropes, but they are too tight for her to manage much movement. Finally Ivan comes back and tells her it’s time for him to go. He offers to call her husband or her boyfriend (because you know she has both) to come rescue her, but decides to call them both so they can have their own surprise party with her. This has turned out to be the worst day of Lila’s life! Starring Lila Lasher.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 9:49
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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