Licking Girls Feet – Next Time Change The Toilet Paper

I don’t get it?? gwen??! gwen where are you? What do you think I should wipe my pussy with?" – Aurora shouted when she noticed that the toilet paper had run out .. Aurora got angry and called her slave even louder. "Don’t worry, honey.. Now we will punish this bitch!" – Alisa said and brought the slave by the hair. Aurora ordered gwen to smell her ass. "What smells? Probably not a washed ass? Maybe you didn’t change the toilet paper on purpose so I couldn’t clean my ass and pussy?" – Aurora and Alisa laughed. After that, Alisa ordered gwen to smell her ass too. The girls took her by the hair and ordered her to lick the rim of the toilet on which Aurora had just sat. "Mmm.. yummy.. Now let me brush your teeth!" – Aurora said. They brushed the slave’s teeth with a toilet brush and the girls laughed at gwen’s insignificance. "Let’s make a toilet out of her?" Alisa suggested. The girls put the miserable slave on the floor and sat on the rim of the toilet bowl from above. From time to time they farted and spat in the slave’s face. "So what? Will you be changing your Mistress’s toilet paper next time?" – Alisa laughed and started pissing on gwen’s face. After that, Aurora also pissed on gwen’s face. The pathetic slave did not even have time to apologize for her misdeeds, as she was pissed and spat upon. The girls did not allow the slave to wash, they ordered her to lie down and dry, and they themselves went into the room to have fun further.

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