Lesbian fuck the blonde bimbo into submission

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Slutty blonde bimbo Adara Jordin thought she really scored when she picked up Whitney Morgan at the bar. Adara was looking forward to a long night of sex and kinky fun with her new hot friend. They can barely keep their hands off each other as they stumble inside. The hot to trot duo are making out of the couch and fondling each other on the couch when Whitney suggests Adara strip off some of those clothes so things can get more down and dirty. The dumb broad doesn’t know that Whitney and I had this all planned for our own sadistic fun. While Adara is stripping off her clothing, Whitney informs me it’s time for me to pounce. Poor unsuspecting Adara comes out ready to fuck the hot girl she brought home when I grab her from behind and the two of us wrestle her down to the ground until she is out. We seize the opportunity to fondle Adara and strip off the rest of her clothes while we laugh and talk about all the dirty mean things we are going to do to her. Adara awakens and tries to fight us off but poor Adara is over taken by us again and her eyes roll back in her head. The next thing she knows Adara finds herself bound in rope naked and gagged with her hands tied below her knees. Her pitiful attempt to escape only makes us wet and horny. We laugh and taunt her before spanking her ass. We are only just getting started we inform her as we stroke our strap-on cocks. We roll the bound helpless thing on her back for some double team force fucking. I grab her mouth and face fuck her enjoying making her gag and snot while my lover Whitney fucks Adara’s pussy raw. We are totally getting off dominating the dumb cunt as we fuck and abuse her in different positions then make her suck each of our cocks forcing her head down and holding it tightly until the helpless play toy is gasping for air. Adara sobs praying that this nightmare will soon end but we have lots more in store for our new fuck toy. Whitney and I tape her up and gag her with her panties leaving her struggling helplessly wondering how she will ever endure their sadistic control of her new life …

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