Leo part 6

Hetero Leo thinks he’s grown into such a tough hard man so we need to remind this feisty bastard who is in charge. We keep him restrained on the floor in nothing but a tight jock strap. He’s not even allowed to piss without our permission. He must struggle to release his dick to empty his bladder. The sight and sound of his stream makes us have to go. But rather than aiming for the bowl we shower him in our fragrant yellow piss so it drenches his face and body. The proud straight cunt is crumpled in humiliation and dripping wet. We order him to use his mouth to clean our dicks but the na�ve cunt refuses. The only thing to do is bind him to the wall so we can give his naughty arse a vicious thrashing. Leo is in such pain he humbly agrees to lick our cocks clean. We commandingly instruct him the proper way to suck dick including getting his tongue into the filthy piss slit. The straight fucker is totally overwhelmed as he must service a dick on each side. We gag him ramming both our cocks in his mouth at the same time. What a filthy slag!

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