Leo part 5

Leo’s confident that at any moment the door will burst open and he’ll be rescued from our perverted punishment. But the truth is that nobody knows this straight bastard is trapped in our stinking hole and he’ll never get out of here. The sooner he learns that his fit manly body exists only for our sadistic pleasure the better it will be for him. In the mean time he needs to be trained and disciplined. His arse is whacked until his body is vibrating from the pain and tension. Leo loves it when the gals lust after his body, but the last thing he wants is his fit body oiled up till it’s glistening sexy for us.

While he’s slathered in oil Dave greases up his tight arsehole to break him in and stretch his sphincter. We want to really widen this bastard’s virgin arse so a speculum is inserted up his rectum and he’s widened till we can see right up his fuckhole. Leo’s thoroughly degraded as Dave pisses directly into his filthy bum. It’s secured up there with a butt plug. The pressure in his piss filled arse is so intense Leo can barely move! Now spanking to his arse turns into fucking agony as every movement causes intense pain to his piss filled insides. Leo is so desperate he’ll do anything to stop his bum beating � even stick his tongue up a man’s arsehole!

The pressure of the butt plug blocking up his piss filled anus is incredibly painful! We maniacally laugh as we rapidly lash the sensitive soles of his feet. This causes every muscle in his body to jump as he flails about desperately and his reaction is so violently intense his anus finally pushes out the plug. His arsehole sprays out all that trapped stinking piss so powerfully it’s like he’s become a filthy human fountain! The sorry fucker weeps in total shame and humiliation as his throbbing anus continues to leak and he’s covered in our stinking piss mixed with his own anal juice.

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