Lauren Phillips Girls-Next-Door Bonadge

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Please welcome Steve Villa and his amazing Girls-Next-Door Bonadge site to the our fine family of sites. Enjoy this Sample from GNDBondage and then go there and check it out!! Lauren has been to an office holiday party and may have had one too many refreshments. But when she got home, she found a man had broke in to rob her. Not having much to steal, she isn’t too concerned. But then she learns the man is gonna tie her up. Now this is something that has her interested. In fact she even supplies the man with some rope. Once he has her all tied up, the man decides it is time to gag her. Just before he stuffs her mouth, Lauren stops him. "Before you do that, I have a secret!" she tells him. When he pauses to let her go on, Lauren tells him that she isn’t wearing any panties under her girdle as she winks. As the man watches his captive bound and gagged, he sees her reach back and un-zip her skirt. So before he goes off to ransack her place, the man helps Lauren take her skirt off and sure enough, up her girdles he sees she is not wearing panties. Sometime later, the man returns to Lauren and looks down at her with her big tits out and very exposed. He tells her that she really doesn’t have much for him to take. "So maybe I will take advantage of you not wearing any panties!" He tells her. Lauren giggles under the gag and lets him know she is his for the taking.

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Duration: 17:26
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